Authors and Abstracts

• K.-L. Bath: The Internationale Amateursternwarte e.V.
• Dr. W. Beisker: Webcams and Intergrating Videocameras for Occultation Work
• Dr. W. Beisker: Determining Stellar Diameters from Occultations by ...
• Dr. E. Bredner et al: Observations of total occultations at the limit of a WATEC camera
• Dr. E. Bredner et al: YICOM last year - and now
• Dr. E. Bredner et al: The Bertholda Event
• D. Büttner: Alpha Librae 2003 June 11. - an European Summer Occultation
• D. Büttner: The Project MOONLIMB - Results and Prospects
• H.-H. Cuno: Astronomie und Zeit
• E. Goffin: Occultations by distant minor planets
• M. Kretlow: Preparing for the occultations by Titan and Triton
• S. Kruczkowski: Fresnel Diffraction - a way of development of occultation project
• E. Limburg: LOW 4.0 - the latest developments
• P. Maksym: Accuracy of GPS receiver
• J. Manek: How to understand asteroid update notes
• W. Rothe: Estimation of Changes for Observation of Bright Limb occultation Events
• C. Schnabel: Preparing the annular solar eclipse on october 2005 in Spain
• Prof. Dr. B. Sicardy: Drastic changes in Pluto’s atmosphere revealed by stellar occultations
• Dr. M. Zawilski: Do hadde men dat schoinste herlichste Eclipsis ...
• Dr. M. Zawilski: Graze of ZC 1484 (eta Leonis) on April 12, 2003 observed in Poland

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